What improves a cars performance?

For those of you that want to improve your cars performance without spending thousands of pounds, I have created the ultimate guide below. With these top tips you can not only often see improvements in speed and power but also in fuel economy. 1)      Make your car as light as possible. Fact- a lighter car […]

Checking your wheel for damage

Many of us are aware that we should be checking our tyres regularly for damage and to ensure they all have the correct pressure, but how many of us ever check the actually condition of the wheels? This is harder to do and you will need to jack the car up and remove each wheel […]

The Bridgestone LM-80 – Made for SUVs

There are plenty of tires out there to choose from, but when you have an SUV, the range tends to be a bit more limited. There are certain benefits that you will often want from an SUVB tyre; you’ll want it to be durable, economic and comfortable, and that’s exactly what the Bridgestone LM-80 can […]

Quality Tyres with Professional Fitting Centres

It’s all well and good buying a quality set of tyres for your vehicle but no matter how good the product is, you’ll only reap the rewards if you get a professional fitting service. The world finest tyres will not last long if they are installed incorrectly and you’re guaranteed optimum performance when you go […]

Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems

For some drivers, gone  are the days when they’ll have to manually check the pressure of their tyres, and some vehicles now include tire pressure monitoring system. These systems take real time tyre pressure information and share it with the driver of the vehicle, usually in the form of a pictogram display or with a […]

Why is it so important to have a Quiet Tyre?

You’ll often hear about luxury tyres being ‘quiet tyres’ but why is it so important? Cheap tyres tend to be significantly louder and that’s mainly due to the fact that the level of handling is not quite as good. A tyre that fits performs as a comfortable on the road surface will be quieter, and […]

Saving Fuel with the Right Tyre Pressure

Making sure your tyres all have the right amount of pressure is an important job, and it’s something that is often needed every couple of months. There are many different reasons why you should make sure your tyre pressure is correct, but one of the main reasons is to cut down costs on fuel. The […]