Brityrex Mancheter October 2014 Specialist Tyre and Equipment Exhibition

If you are interested in meeting new tyre suppliers, viewing the latest workshop apparatus in action and squatting up on the most current tyre industry business issues then you really need to visit the Brityrex Exhibition in Manchester next month.

“Brityrex is the UK’s only expert tyre and equipment exhibition and a day spent at the show will be time very well spent,” says Paul Farrant of show organiser SingEx-ECI. “It’s a low-cost, high-return business investment we think everyone involved in the trade should consider making.”

Since the 1970’s, the Brityrex tyre exhibition has been the place to go for many garages, business owners and car enthusiasts. There is more and more added to the show every year and people do not seem to be disappointed with the range of products and displays on offer.

If you are a mechanic at a garage who offer tyre fitting, why not ask your boss if you can attend.

Checking your wheel for damage

Many of us are aware that we should be checking our tyres regularly for damage and to ensure they all have the correct pressure, but how many of us ever check the actually condition of the wheels? This is harder to do and you will need to jack the car up and remove each wheel to check it properly, but doing this can not only save you money but could also save your life.

I recently discovered that my tyre had gone completely flat so I inflated it again to the correct pressure. A few days later I found it was flat again, so thinking I must have a slow puncture I again inflated it. It then appeared that every time I drove the car the tyre needed air again. I took it in to a local garage and left it with them to replace or repair the tyre. Upon my return I was shocked to be shown 4 cracks in the wheel inner wall, something I would not have seen from the outside. It was too damaged to be welded so I ending up having to fork out for a whole new wheel which is extremely expensive as many people do not want to sell just one.

Choosing a car that is good in the snow

With the UK having quite harsh winters in recent years, people are choosing cars that are better for driving in the snow. Many of us still need to do day to day chores and travel to and from work when the snow falls and cannot run the risk of being stuck in for days on end. There are many types of vehicles that have a reputation for being better in this type of weather than others. 4 X 4 vehicles are always thought to be one of the best you can have with the extra grip of the other two wheels; it is hard to lose control of one of these. It is not always just the make and model of the car that makes a different in snowy conditions, tyre are also a big player. Firstly your tyres should be well within the legal limit, slightly under inflated (refer to your handbook) and generally in good condition.

What to do when you get a puncture in yout tyre

There comes in time in most of our lives when we get a puncture in one or more of our car tyres. This can be frustrating and costly if it is in the wrong place. Many tyres can be repaired if the puncture is in a certain position otherwise it means that you will need to replace the tyre. If the tyre does not have much tread left on it, then it is worth considering if it may be more cost effective to actually replace the tyre anyway instead of repairing it. You can also get something called tyre form which when filled in to the tyre, expands and makes a seal over the puncture. The tyre can then be inflated and driven on. If you are using this type of foam check on the label as to how far you can drive on it and what maximum speed it recommends you drive at.

The Bridgestone LM-80 – Made for SUVs

There are plenty of tires out there to choose from, but when you have an SUV, the range tends to be a bit more limited. There are certain benefits that you will often want from an SUVB tyre; you’ll want it to be durable, economic and comfortable, and that’s exactly what the Bridgestone LM-80 can provide.

It’s designed to perform in all weather conditions, while it includes advanced tread technologies to provide optimum levels of safety. This really is a quality product that’s designed to last, and you even get excellent responses in terms of braking and handling when you’re driving on snow and ice.

Some would say that this is a proper winter tyre but it performance well in all kinds of conditions and that’s why more and more people will go for this option. If you only want a hot weather tyre then this may not be the idea product, and the sister version, the H/P Sport would be more suitable.

Quality Tyres with Professional Fitting Centres

It’s all well and good buying a quality set of tyres for your vehicle but no matter how good the product is, you’ll only reap the rewards if you get a professional fitting service. The world finest tyres will not last long if they are installed incorrectly and you’re guaranteed optimum performance when you go to a fitting centre.

The main benefit is that you get accurate wheel alignment. This ensures that your wear remains even, and it basically means that your tyre is likely to last a lot longer than it would if you opted to install them yourself using basic equipment.

If you’re going to pay the extra money to have quality tyres, then it’s probably important to consider making sure you get a professional installation service, and that’s always possible with a quality fitting centre.

Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems

For some drivers, gone  are the days when they’ll have to manually check the pressure of their tyres, and some vehicles now include tire pressure monitoring system. These systems take real time tyre pressure information and share it with the driver of the vehicle, usually in the form of a pictogram display or with a warning light.

If you’re the type of driver who’s always had issues with tyre wear then this could be the system that saves your bacon, and reminds you that your tyres need pumping before they become an issue. Without the right pressure levels you can wind up with dangerous uneven tyre wear, and this is likely to mean forking out on new tyres more frequently than you would if the right pressure level was maintained.

Many models will now include a tire pressure monitoring system and it’s certainly something more and more manufacturers are looking into.

Why is it so important to have a Quiet Tyre?

You’ll often hear about luxury tyres being ‘quiet tyres’ but why is it so important? Cheap tyres tend to be significantly louder and that’s mainly due to the fact that the level of handling is not quite as good. A tyre that fits performs as a comfortable on the road surface will be quieter, and the quieter your tyres are the smoother it will sound.

Quiet tyres tend to last longer, and that’s because they’re designed to last, with carefully constructed grooves that adapt perfectly to various road surfaces. It must be said that all tyres in the UK have to meet certain noise levels, and even budget tyres must meet these legal requirements.

A quieter tyre tends to mean a better tyre, and one that will last a lot longer, but this is not always the case, and if you’re not too fussed about having a luxury tyre then quietness may not be too much of an issue.


Saving Fuel with the Right Tyre Pressure

Making sure your tyres all have the right amount of pressure is an important job, and it’s something that is often needed every couple of months. There are many different reasons why you should make sure your tyre pressure is correct, but one of the main reasons is to cut down costs on fuel.

The price of fuel has escalated considerably in recent years, and a nice amount of pressure will ensure you car does not waste fuel. Tyres that are under-inflated by around 25% will damage tread life and also lose around 10% fuel economy.

The fact is there is no point in having a brand spanking fuel efficient car if you’re not thinking fuel efficiency with your tyres. Check your tyre level today and make it a monthly task to check your level. You will then save money and improve your tyre life.

3 Benefits that come with a Fitting Garage

Many people will opt to buy their car tyres online and have them delivered, and while this means you’re likely to have the tyres quicker, it can be beneficial to get them fitted at a local fitting centre.

One of the main reasons a professional fitting service is alignment. If you fit your tyres at home but do not correctly align your wheels, then you may end up with uneven wear and ruined tyres in just several months.

Another reason is because you can save yourself time. Garages will have specialist equipment that ensure the job is done quickly but correctly, and without this equipment you can find yourself in a bit of a sticky situation.

Finally it’s the experience you get with a fitting garage. These individuals are used to fitting tyres on many different individuals, and they probably know more about your car then you do, meaning they’re a lot less likely to run into any problems or cause any damage when they’re fitting a new set.

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    Everybody needs to periodically change their tyres, due to wear and tear, but also because the rubber of the tyres can lose its elasticity over time, so you will need to buy car tyres. There are lots of ways you can do this; you can buy them from an online store, which has the benefit of being very convenient, or you can travel to a tyre fitter store, where you will receive a complete tyre service, along with any relevant expertise they can provide you with.

  • Buying Tyres Online

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