Damaged wheels

Damaging the wheels on a car can not only make it look less attractive but can actually be dangerous. It is said that a large number of us carry on driving cars with damaged wheels without even realising we are doing it. If you have recently had a medium to large impact on your wheel, […]

MOT only test stations

If you are looking for a place to take your car for an MOT but are worried about being landed with unnecessary repairs that really do not need doing, then why not opt to have your next MOT carried out at an MOT only testing station. There are hundreds of these all over the UK […]

Putting alloy wheels on your car

Some cars come straight from the factory with alloy wheels on, others are added as an optional extra and other cars are built with steel wheels and wheel trims. Adding alloys wheels to a car can make it look a lot more stylish and some say it can also improve the handling and performance of […]

Tyres losing pressure?

If your one of your tyres is losing pressure then there could be a number of reasons for this to happen. The most common one is that you have got a puncture in the tyre. This may be something as small as a tack or a nail but can cause quick air lose especially if […]

Mobile tyre fitters

Previously, if you wanted to get your tyres changed you needed to book your car in to your local garage and would often have to call in advance to make sure that they had the required tyre for your vehicle in stock. This can be a nightmare for some people relaying on their car to […]

When buying second hand

Buying a second hand car is always a risk. Even if you buy from a dealership you may get a warranty but the warranties are often quite limited and do not cover as many things as you may first think. If you only get a three month warranty from a car dealership you can pay […]

A gift for your wheels this Christmas

As the only contact between the road and your car, your wheels can take a heel of a battering during the cars lifetime. Careless driving cad result in bumping into kerbs and hard cornering puts stress on the cars suspension. With the poor condition of much of our road network, even careful drivers can fall […]

Alloy wheel refurbishing

Alloy wheels can make a huge difference to the look of a car. Adding alloy wheels or even changing the design of them can stylise the car and make it look more modern and sporty. The cost of alloy wheels can be expensive and the larger the wheel the more money you will have to […]

Wheel trims for your car

If your car has steel wheels on it rather than alloy wheels then you can fit wheel trims to it. Wheel trims are covers to hide the steel wheel and are a cheap way to style your vehicle. As with tyres or alloys, you will need to find out what size wheels you have on […]

Locking wheel nuts

Locking wheel nuts are special nuts that are inserted through your wheels which secure them to the vehicle. To undo the nuts you need the corresponding locking nut, and without it, it is very difficult to take them off. Cars are fitted with these to stop the wheels being stolen as previous to locking wheel […]