Keeping your alloys sparkling

A sparkling set of alloys are a great addition to a car but wheels soon get caked in dirt and potentially damaging brake dust. Keeping your alloys in top condition is pretty straight forward and should be done whenever you wash the cars bodywork. Make sure the wheels are cold before cleaning. A jet wash […]

Tyre rotation can save you money

A great way to save on tyres is to regularly rotate them. Rotating your tyres combats uneven wear and will increase the life of your tyres. Depending on the way your wheels are driven, the front and rear tyres will wear at different rates, for example: front wheel drive vehicles will wear out there front […]

Tyre expiry date

If you have a seldom used vehicle or do low annual mileage, you may find that replacing your tyres due to wear isn’t often a concern. However, it’s worth noting that tyre rubber degrades over time. If you do less than 8000 miles per year your tyres could become unsafe from age before they wear […]

Always book a test drive

When looking to buy a car, you can spend hours researching the technical specification and reading owners reviews on the vehicle but unless you actually drive the car yourself, it is hard to know if it is suited to you. Everyone has their own driving style and therefore will be looking for different things in […]

Part-worn tyres – pros and cons

Part worn tyres can look attractive if you’re on a tight budget and need a cheap replacement, or if you’re looking to get a car through an MOT to sell. That said, do consider whether you’re actually getting value for money. The tyres – which generally come from scrapped vehicles – will always be cheaper […]

What to do with an unwanted car

If you have a vehicle that is worth less than a thousand pounds, then there may come a time in the near future where the costs to carry out a repair or get it through an Mot simply out weight the value of the vehicle. Some people will still spend the money on it regardless […]

Help! I’ve scuffed my alloy wheels!

It’s that moment we all dread, you’re parallel parking edging towards the curb and hear that horrible scraping sound followed by many profanities! You get out of the car to see a big scuff down the side of your alloy wheel, so now what? If left, a deep scuff can not only look unsightly but […]

Are winter tyres worth it?

It sounds like a great idea – better grip in snow and ice. But do you really get your money’s worth out of winter tyres, or is it simply another way of selling you more tyres? Winter tyres become effective below 7 degrees Celsius. Above that, the stickiness required to make them adhesive in poor […]

Mobile tyre fitters

Replacing the tyres on a vehicle often needs to be done at least once a year depending on how much you use it. You can take you car to a garage or tyre fitter but will generally either have to wait around for it to be done or leave it with them. Mobile tyre fitters […]

  • Car Tyres

    Everybody needs to periodically change their tyres, due to wear and tear, but also because the rubber of the tyres can lose its elasticity over time, so you will need to buy car tyres. There are lots of ways you can do this; you can buy them from an online store, which has the benefit of being very convenient, or you can travel to a tyre fitter store, where you will receive a complete tyre service, along with any relevant expertise they can provide you with.

  • Buying Tyres Online

    When looking for new tyres, a great option is to buy Michelin tyres online, as you can compare the prices available in a more convenient setting.