How important is it to have my vehicle regularly serviced?

Posted on June 30, 2020 at 8:15 pm

Most people are aware of the necessity of keeping their vehicles in a safe condition and ensuring that they take their vehicles to a reliable and trustworthy garage for the annual MOT to be carried out but are they as conscientious about having their cars serviced regularly?

Usually this oversight is because of financial restrictions but it is important to keep your vehicle in good condition as the likelihood of a breakdown is less and the cost of recovery and repairs if you do breakdown can be higher than the service charge.

It used to be that some of the routine checks and jobs that are carried out during a service could be attempted by the car owner with some help from online forums or instruction manuals but as vehicles have become more complex in design and performance this is now not the case. For example, changing the air filter is a relatively simple procedure but changing the oil and oil filter will need a mechanic.

Local garages are good places to start when sourcing a garage to carry out servicing and are usually a lot cheaper than car dealership service centres. By looking at reviews from previous customers it is possible to check whether the company is reliable and whether they give a good level of service.

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