Shopping around for tyres

Posted on August 31, 2016 at 4:17 pm

Tyres are often an expense us motorists incur at least once a year. Depending upon how much you drive in your car and the quality of tyres you have last fitted will make a difference in when you need to change them. It may be that you have not long had new tyres on but if you get a puncture that cannot be repaired then you may have to replace a tyre with a decent amount of tread on it.

It is well worth shopping around for tyre prices as you can find the same tyre will often cost you £10 less or even more by making a few phone calls. Some garages get better discount from the manufacturer than others, often if they are able to buy in bulk. They will then pass a certain amount of this saving on to you, the customer. Buying without doing your research often means you end up paying over the odds.


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