Do you need the use of a car following an accident?

Posted on June 29, 2019 at 1:19 pm

Having a car accident can be an awful experience and one which no one ever wants to go through. Even if no one was injured during the car accident, the effect it can have can last weeks if not months afterwards and many people struggle logistically with managing without a vehicle in the days and weeks following the accident.  Many people rely on their car to get them to and from work or do the school run or even do the weekly shop.  Finding yourself without a car can cause a lot of problems and mean you have to rely on public transport which can not only be costly but sometimes unreliable.

Some insurance companies will offer you a courtesy car but often this is a group A insurance car which is a small car such as a Nissan Micra or Vauxhall Corsa. If you need a bigger car then you may be able to pay for an upgrade otherwise you will need to look at hiring a vehicle. If your car is deemed to be a write off by the insurance company then usually the courtesy car is needed back the same or the following day leaving you very little time to source a new one.

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