Changing the brake pads on your vehicle

Posted on May 29, 2020 at 8:09 am

If you have not used your car much during lock down or have missed your MOT you are likely going to need to get it a once over before you start using it again, if it has been stood still for a while. All MOT’s have no been extended but with many garages starting to open again and able to take on more work, it is advisable to get your MOT done as soon as possible.
Car brake pads are often usually need replacing once every – one to two years depending on the mileage you do. When you take your car in to a garage to replace the pads they should also check the brake discs and other pads on the car (front or back). They may offer to clean the other set of pads that you are not having replaced. You may find that when you take your car in t the garage to have the pads replaced they advise you that you will also need to have the pad discs replaced too. This can very quickly add quite a chunk on to the price but it is always worth investing in your brakes and getting them done as soon as possible. Try not to drive your vehicle far if you notice your pads are worn out as not only is this dangerous but will also damage your disc.

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