Could you be losing money by not cleaning your car?

Posted on May 12, 2017 at 11:33 am

Some people are fanatical about keeping their car clean and in pristine condition where as other people simply see it as a something that should be done a few times a year, if they get the chance too. But did you realise that you can seriously devalue a car by not looking after it cosmetically and keeping on top of cleaning the inside and outside of the vehicle. You may find that certain things can seriously damage the paint work on your car such as bird poo and tree sap. They will eat away in to the paint and when you finally do remove it you will find that it has damaged the paintwork underneath and you’re left with a mark that cannot be washed off. When it comes to selling your car you should make sure that it has been given a good clean as people often think that if a car is not clean on the inside and out then it may not have been looked after mechanically either and therefore will not want to purchase it.

If you are not in favour of cleaning your car yourself then why not take it to one of the many hand wash services or a drive through car wash every couple of weeks, you may regret it in the long run if you don’t.

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