Keeping your alloys sparkling

Posted on April 30, 2015 at 9:07 pm

A sparkling set of alloys are a great addition to a car but wheels soon get caked in dirt and potentially damaging brake dust. Keeping your alloys in top condition is pretty straight forward and should be done whenever you wash the cars bodywork. Make sure the wheels are cold before cleaning. A jet wash is a good way to blast off the worst of the dirt before you apply a specialist wheel cleaner to shift the grime and brake dust. Blasting off the dirt under the wheel arch is best done before wheel washing and an application of an engine/machine cleaner spray will work well shifting the dirt.

Work the wheel cleaner into all the crevices with an appropriate brush and then rinse off before it dries. Dry the wheels with a microfibre cloth and then apply an alloy wheel sealing compound which helps protect from brake dust build up. Applying a tyre dressing to the tyres will give the wheels a really professional finish

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