Why it’s essential to keep checking your tyres?

Posted on May 29, 2022 at 9:39 am

When you have a car there are so many things to keep an eye on to keep it running well like checking the oil regularly and ensuring the car is serviced and up to date with its MOT.  Often the cars tyres get a bit neglected until the tyre gets a puncture or worse has a blowout. However, driving with damaged or overworn tyres is not only illegal but dangerous too. If you are caught by the police for having bald tyres they can impose 3 penalty points on your licence for each tyre. That could mean a total of 12 penalty points for 4 bald tyres and possibly a driving ban.

When a tyre is bald it means that there is not sufficient tread depth on the tyre. This is particularly dangerous on wet road conditions as the tread on a tyre helps disperse the water away from where the tyre makes contact with the road. If the water cannot be moved away from that area you risk the car aquaplaning and losing control. Even in dry conditions a bald tyre is dangerous as it doesn’t cause enough friction between the tyres surface and the road meaning you are more likely to skid and less likely to be able to stop the car in case of an emergency. Get your tyres checked regularly to avoid an accident and a possible driving ban.

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