Do your tyres have the correct tyre pressure?

Posted on September 22, 2020 at 12:45 pm

It is essential that the pressure in your vehicle tyres are checked regularly at least once a month because the pressure in your vehicles tyres affects performance, fuel economy and most of all safety. Over time the air in the tyre can escape, and the pressure will drop and so the surface of the tyre, the part of the vehicle that makes direct contact with the road surface will have an impact on braking and grip possibly causing an accident if sudden braking occurs.

It is easy to find out the specific pressure that each tyre should have as it is stated in the vehicle handbook and is also usually on a plate inside the driver’s door which can be seen when the door is open. Otherwise a quick look online for your vehicle should give you this information.

In order to check your tyre pressure yourself you will need a tyre pressure gauge which may be a manual one or one that is incorporated into a pump. The valve will be on the wheel rim so simply unscrew the cap, push the tyre gauge onto the valve and the readout will give you the pressure.

If the figure that is shown on the display is different to the handbook figures you will need to top up the air with a pump that plugs into the cigarette lighter in the car or alternatively use the air pump at a local garage.

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