Mobile tyre fitters

Posted on January 31, 2016 at 11:32 pm

Previously, if you wanted to get your tyres changed you needed to book your car in to your local garage and would often have to call in advance to make sure that they had the required tyre for your vehicle in stock. This can be a nightmare for some people relaying on their car to get to and from work and with many garages not opening till eight or even nine in the morning, meant that people were having to book time off work to go to a garage.

Now it is possible to have someone come to your house or work and fit the tyre for you without you having to go anywhere. They will usually take the keys off you, find a suitable and safe place to change the tyres and then carry out the work required. This is all done with a minimum of fuss and hassle and means you can save your days off for things that you really want to do.


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