Are budget tyres ok?

Posted on September 30, 2016 at 7:35 pm

When it comes to choosing tyres you can be inundated with options which are all suitable for your vehicle. It may be that you have not had to buy tyres before and might not really be aware of the different brands. Most tyre fitters will explain what choices you have but it may be worth carrying out your own research.

Many tyre websites will show you the ratings for each tyre. Often there are 3 scales – one for road noise, one for wet grip and one for fuel economy. Often even the best tyres will not perform really well in all of these categories. If the car is good a gripping in the wet, this may make it nosier and also use up more fuel. When looking, you should try and find a good all round tyre. Cost is obviously a concern as well, but it maybe if you spend an extra £5 or so on each tyre you get one that is a lot better quality.


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