A gift for your wheels this Christmas

Posted on November 30, 2015 at 1:30 pm

As the only contact between the road and your car, your wheels can take a heel of a battering during the cars lifetime. Careless driving cad result in bumping into kerbs and hard cornering puts stress on the cars suspension. With the poor condition of much of our road network, even careful drivers can fall foul of potholes and the like. All these bumps and jolts can put heavy stress on your wheels and consequently the cars suspension. This can lead to the suspension shifting out of alignment or even becoming damaged.

Poor alignment of the wheels can cause a number of issues. If a wheel is misaligned this has the effect of dragging the surface of the tyre across the road surface slightly, which results in increased and uneven wear, leading to a premature change of tyre. Extreme misalignment can lead to a dangerous adverse effect to the cars handling, causing unpredictable movement of the car during cornering.

Most good tyre centers will offer an analysis of the wheel alignment, often for free when you have new tyres fitted, and can advise you on the work needed. Though this can often seem like an annoying extra expense it is definitely worth doing.

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Alloy wheel refurbishing

Posted on November 1, 2015 at 12:01 am

Alloy wheels can make a huge difference to the look of a car. Adding alloy wheels or even changing the design of them can stylise the car and make it look more modern and sporty.

The cost of alloy wheels can be expensive and the larger the wheel the more money you will have to pay for them. Some brands are also more expensive than others and if you start to look at chrome alloys or splitters then the price really starts to rise.

The problem with alloy wheels is that they can become scuffed and dented easily and if this happens the amount to repair or replace them can be costly. If the alloy is damaged beyond repair then you will need to buy a new one, and it can be very hard to obtain one, you may find you have to buy a pair or even a new set.



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