Checking your wheel for damage

Posted on July 27, 2014 at 10:08 pm

Many of us are aware that we should be checking our tyres regularly for damage and to ensure they all have the correct pressure, but how many of us ever check the actually condition of the wheels? This is harder to do and you will need to jack the car up and remove each wheel to check it properly, but doing this can not only save you money but could also save your life.


I recently discovered that my tyre had gone completely flat so I inflated it again to the correct pressure. A few days later I found it was flat again, so thinking I must have a slow puncture I again inflated it. It then appeared that every time I drove the car the tyre needed air again. I took it in to a local garage and left it with them to replace or repair the tyre. Upon my return I was shocked to be shown 4 cracks in the wheel inner wall, something I would not have seen from the outside. It was too damaged to be welded so I ending up having to fork out for a whole new wheel which is extremely expensive as many people do not want to sell just one.

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Choosing a car that is good in the snow

Posted on July 23, 2014 at 10:07 pm

With the UK having quite harsh winters in recent years, people are choosing cars that are better for driving in the snow. Many of us still need to do day to day chores and travel to and from work when the snow falls and cannot run the risk of being stuck in for days on end. There are many types of vehicles that have a reputation for being better in this type of weather than others. 4 X 4 vehicles are always thought to be one of the best you can have with the extra grip of the other two wheels; it is hard to lose control of one of these. It is not always just the make and model of the car that makes a different in snowy conditions, tyre are also a big player. Firstly your tyres should be well within the legal limit, slightly under inflated (refer to your handbook) and generally in good condition.


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What to do when you get a puncture in yout tyre

Posted on July 20, 2014 at 5:01 pm

There comes in time in most of our lives when we get a puncture in one or more of our car tyres. This can be frustrating and costly if it is in the wrong place. Many tyres can be repaired if the puncture is in a certain position otherwise it means that you will need to replace the tyre. If the tyre does not have much tread left on it, then it is worth considering if it may be more cost effective to actually replace the tyre anyway instead of repairing it. You can also get something called tyre form which when filled in to the tyre, expands and makes a seal over the puncture. The tyre can then be inflated and driven on. If you are using this type of foam check on the label as to how far you can drive on it and what maximum speed it recommends you drive at.


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