Getting your car ready for summer

Posted on April 5, 2022 at 3:52 pm

Most of us are familiar with the process of getting our cars ready for winter but did you know that the summer months can also put your vehicle under more strain than usual with issues such as overheating and problems with air conditioning.

During the summer with outside temperatures rising its important to ensure that your car engine has the right level of coolant added. Coolant is vital to keeping your engine working without causing the car to overheat so always check these levels regularly and don’t just rely on your dashboard computer alerting you to this issue.

Throughout the winter you may not have used your air conditioning in your car so you may not even notice there’s an issue until we get the first hot day. Most air conditioning in cars needs re-gassing from time to time, dependent on the level of use it’s had and the age of the car. It may be useful to get your air conditioning checked at a reputable garage where they can run a test for any leaks in the system and re-gas if needed.

Checking your tyres during the summer months is also vital as hot road surfaces may cause faster wearing of your tyres. Tyre pressure can also increase during warm weather so you’ll need to be particularly careful not to over inflate your tyres.

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