Get little mechanical jobs done on your vehicle at the same time to save money

Posted on March 27, 2020 at 7:10 am

If you have various mechanical jobs that need doing on your vehicle and all of them are quite small, then rather than booking one job in at a time, you should try and get them all done together.

Not only will this save you time as you may find that they only need the car one day to complete them all, but you may find that the labour cost is reduced. This is because part of the time a garage will charge for is getting the vehicle up on ramps, test driving it, removing covers and wheels etc. If the little jobs require this to be done then and you book them in at separate times then you may be paying for this part of the repair over and over again. Often it is easier to complete other jobs at the same time as another as you are already able to access many parts of the vehicle.

If a job needs doing and it is urgent or making the vehicle unsafe to drive then you should not wait for other little jobs to come up until you book it in. In this instance ask the garage to have a look over the car whilst they have it and advise on anything else they may think needs ding, and possible get that done at the same time.

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