Is your car in need of a wheel alignment?

Posted on March 11, 2019 at 9:31 am

Some drivers have a wheel alignment done every time they have a new set of tyres fitted or every 6 – 12 months, whereas others may not have one done until they start to notice something wrong. So how can you tell if your car needs a wheel alignment? Often there are some subtle differences that you will notice when driving that can give it away. If you notice that the car tends to drift slightly to one side when driving down a straight road or that your steering wheel is not straight when your wheels are, then you need to get your car booked in for a wheel alignment.

Wheels can become out of line for a number of reasons. It can just happen over time or it may have been caused by hitting a pothole or mounting a pavement.

If your wheels are out of alignment you will often notice that your tyres wear unevenly and that you need to replace them more often. The cost of a wheel alignment varies from garage to garage and make and model of vehicle but often costs around £30-£40 for a standard 2 wheel alignment. This is a small price to pay to ensure your car is driving at its best and that you are maintaining your tyres.

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