Buying second hand alloys wheels

Posted on March 31, 2017 at 7:07 pm

Alloy wheels are a popular choice with avid motorists when it comes to styling up their vehicle. Previously many cars were made with steel wheels which are more durable and easy to style with plastic wheel trims, but over the last few decades, car manufacturers have started to make cars that have alloy wheels as standard or that can be purchased as an optional extra at the build process.

If you are wanting to fit alloy wheels to your car then you may be able to go up a size or two allowing you to fit bigger tyres which means better grip on the road. Alloys are also better at dispersing heat from the brakes.

When buying alloy wheels you need to check a few things first:

  • Check that your car is able to take the size of alloy you want to put on it – if you go too big it will affect the handing and safety of the vehicle
  • Check that the bolts will fit. Some alloys are four bolts some are five, hold the alloy up to the car to check the positioning of the bolts to see that they line up.
  • If buying second hand – check the alloys closely for damage.


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