Signs it’s time to change your tyres

Posted on November 29, 2016 at 7:53 pm

Many people wait to change their tyres until they are advised to do so on their MOT however if you drive quite a few miles in between MOTs or you drive in fairly harsh conditions then you may find yourself driving with illegal tyres and could face having an accident and/or facing prosecution.

To avoid this there are signs that you can look out for whilst driving that could signal that it’s time to get your tyres checked. One indication could be if you feel that the car is not handling well this is usually most obvious around corners where you may feel the car slip or the back end of the car kick outwards. This can be caused by the tyre thread wearing down and reducing grip.

Another sign is an increased breaking distance. When applying the brakes in a car the wheels will lock at first to stop the car as quickly as possible however if the tyres are worn then the car may continue to slide forward increasing your stopping distance quite dramatically.

If your tyres are regularly loosing pressure and keep needing more air in them then the tyre could either have a slow puncture or the rubber could have perished and deteriorated meaning that you would need to replace the tyre immediately to avoid the risk of a dangerous blow out and possibly an accident.

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