Knowing your stuff when it comes to tyre pressure

Posted on June 30, 2015 at 9:16 pm

Most people know the importance of checking your tyres for tread and the ramifications of not doing so but so many people don’t realise the damage that can be done for having the incorrect tyre pressure for your journey.

Incorrect tyre pressure will make your journey less economical meaning you can use more fuel, it will wear out your tyres quicker, it will mean that you have less grip on the road and could easily lead to a serious accident.

The ideal tyre pressure for your car is not just dependant on the guide on the tyre wall, as this does not take into account the car manufacturers guidelines. For an accurate guide you need to check in the cars manual and there should be a table that will give you different pressures depending on how many people are traveling in the car AND the type of tyres you have fitted. Following that guide will give you the best drive experience and will also make your journey much more economical and safer.

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