Shopping around for the best tyre prices

Posted on September 29, 2021 at 10:39 am

The cost of tyres can vary drastically from garage to garage so it is always worth getting a few quotes before proceeding. It can be hard to compare quotes as not all garages will sell the same make of tyre. Tyres are often priced in tiers of budget, mid-range and prestige and the prices usually go up accordingly. Some tyre fitting centres of garages will be able to tell you the details of the tyre such as fuel economy, road noise and wet grip. This information is important but you may need to do your own research as most garages will not offer this information freely.

When comparing this information, you can often find budget tyres that perform really well in a number of these areas. Tyres prices also vary massively between sizes. Larger vehicles such as 4 x 4’s and SUV’s usually have the most expensive tyres and can cost in excess of £100 each just for budgets.

You may assume that larger tyre centres and garage will be able to sell you the tyres for less than an independent garage, but this is often not the case. Never run the risk of driving with bad tyres as not only is it dangerous you can also get points on your license.

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