Wheel trims for your car

Posted on September 30, 2015 at 8:48 pm

If your car has steel wheels on it rather than alloy wheels then you can fit wheel trims to it. Wheel trims are covers to hide the steel wheel and are a cheap way to style your vehicle.

As with tyres or alloys, you will need to find out what size wheels you have on your car to get the correct wheel trims which come in sizes ranging from 13 inch up to about 18 inch.

Wheel trims come in a variety of styles and you can change them quite easily. Many places that sell them, such as Halfords, offer a fitting service from as little as £5 but it is possible to do yourself and shouldn’t take much more than ten to fifteen minutes.

When fitting new wheel trims check carefully that they are clipped on all the way around and if possible secure them with a couple of cable ties to avoid them falling off when driving.


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