Winter tyres or all round tyres?

Posted on October 31, 2016 at 9:59 pm

Buying tyres is something almost all car owners have to do at some point. So drivers that cover a lot of miles, this may be a task that you have to do annual or possibly even more. As a buyer, you can be inundated with choices when it comes to tyres; should you buy budget tyres, mid range or splash out on the premium range?

Another choice you need to make is whether you choose an all year round tyre or if you choose winter / summer tyres. You can drive a car with winter tyres on in the summer but you may find that they wear out quicker and are not as good in terms of grip and road noise at higher temperatures. If you do opt for winter tyres then you may want to get another set of wheels, allowing you to change the wheels over from summer to winter without the hassle of having to get the tyres removed and refitted each time.


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