What to expect when you need a puncture repaired

Posted on April 29, 2018 at 10:31 am

For most people who aren’t necessarily car savvy it can be quite a daunting prospect to take your car into a garage alone for fear of being bamboozled into buying something that you don’t need or being over charged for work done to your vehicle. For services and routine work you may be able to sort someone to go with you but if you have something unexpected like a puncture you may need to go to a garage (basically whichever is nearby at the time). The key things to remember are that if the garage can repair the tyre its likely to cost around £20 this is generally if it’s a minor puncture maybe caused by driving over a screw or similar object causing a small hole. However if the puncture is caused by an impact trauma such as hitting a pot hole you may need a whole new tyre and also the wheels would need to be balanced this is obviously more expensive dependant on what type of tyre you go for. The issue with the latter incident is that if something has impacted the tyre enough to burst it, it can also cause other areas of the car a lot of damage such as a bending the axel and that can be very expensive and sometimes can in fact be a write-off. If in doubt never be afraid of asking for a second opinion.

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