Putting alloy wheels on your car

Posted on March 19, 2016 at 9:13 pm

Some cars come straight from the factory with alloy wheels on, others are added as an optional extra and other cars are built with steel wheels and wheel trims. Adding alloys wheels to a car can make it look a lot more stylish and some say it can also improve the handling and performance of the vehicle.

Buying alloy wheels can be expensive and you need to make sure that you get the correct size for your vehicle. You will also need to inform your insurance company that you have changed the steel wheels for alloy wheels as it is classed as a modification and should you need to make a claim, you may find out that you are not covered if you have not informed them of the change.

If buying alloy wheels second hand be sure to check for damage not only on the surface but also around the rim and on the inside of the wheel.


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