Advertising your tyre fitting business

Posted on November 27, 2017 at 11:39 am

If you have a tyre fitting business then you will most likely already be aware of the level of competition out there for customers. There are a number of dedicated tyre fitting companies but then also usual car garages will also be able to supply and fit tyres meaning the customer has a huge choice of where to go.

The majority of customers who purchase the tyres will be mainly focused on the price. IF they can get the same deal further down the road then they will so you need to ensure that you can be competitive on the price. If you find that you are struggling to price match with some of the larger companies who buy in bulk, then you need to ensure that the customers that come to you are getting some added value for their money. This may be a collection and drop off service, tyre fitting at home or MOT discount voucher. You will also need to ensure that your customer service is second to none as you need to give your customers a reason to use you even if you are a little more expensive.

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